Personal Projects

ShellyPy Python
a Python wrapper around the Shelly REST API that exposes values in a native format.
polecat C
multi purposes program that can manage wine and DXVK installations as well as interact with the Lutris API.
steam-wrapper C++
Simple Qt5 application that bootstraps local executables for environments where the entrypoint is fixed.
arduino-mock C++
a compatibility Libary for compiling Arduino Projects on foreign architectures.
sameboy-thumbnailer C
a cross-platform GameBoy thumbnail creation program using the SameBoy emulator.
CGI based CI service inspired by cgit.
lab-bot Python
a modular GitLab Bot oriented towards automation.
3ds-splash C
low level program for converting 3DS framebuffer contents, used during booting for splash screens, into common formats (e.g. PNG).
FuséeC C C++
a low level implementation of the Fusée Gelée Tegra X1 bootROM exploit designed for the Nintendo Switch, but (hopefully) functional on other Tegra devices.
defunct launcher and installer for OpenFortress
libofdf C
library for handling and processing the now defunct Toast Versioning format (TVN).
of-mirror Python
simplistic mirroring script for TVN repositories.
single-pthread C
an experimental, single-thread POSIX threads implementation.
unixreg Python
a winreg compatibility libary for non NT systems.
Explosive-Bot Python
modular Discord bot that allows for bot addons and code extensions.
SouthRPC C++
a Remote Procedure Call plugin for Northstar. Implements a JSON-RPC server using RapidJSON over a self-made HTTP1.1 Server.

Contributed Projects

Northstar C++
improved Linux suppport via Proton, Launcher and tooling development, general code cleanup and migration to standards compliant C++
restructuring on newer Proton releases, triaging Northstar specific issues and fixing for them
Lite-XL C Lua
build system improvements, dependency maintanance
PrismLauncher C++
Improved support for Nvidia Optimius Systems. Integration for MangoHud and Feral GameMode.
FlightCore Rust
improved Linux support, Steam support, general bug fixes, integration of Northstar features
Wii Homebrew Browser C
reworked version of the Nintendo Wii Homebrew Browser for modern toolchain and library releases